These two domains are for sale:

  1. I do not have capacity to build a business around them.
  2. I simply just prefer proceeds from sale.

I plan to share this offer with the companies listed on the OpenTimestamps website as well as other law firms specialising in technology.

Background info

Back in a day I was trying to solve a problem.

But I couldn't figure it out.

What happens when you type "G"?

So many moving parts, too many dependencies. I do not trust my hardware, ISP, DNS, and other 3‑letter agencies. If I do not trust what I see on the screen, why would anyone else trust me?

Since then (check my FTP server and data) technology has moved on, Bitcoin and related cryptography are achieving mainstream adoption, now we have established standards:


Now another standard is being established

"'s Wayback Machine is legit legal evidence, US appeals court judges rule."

Here is the article, comments and related court of appeals judgement:

Prosecution had included testimony from the Internet Archive's office manager, who explained how the Archive captures and preserves evidence of the contents of the internet at a given time.
The court decided this provided "sufficient proof" that its mirrored pages were authentic.
Gasperini was free to cross-examine the witness about the nature and reliability of the Archive’s procedures for capturing and cataloguing the contents of the internet at particular times, and the jury was thus enabled to make its own decision about the weight, if any, to be given to the records. Accordingly, a sufficient basis was laid to place the admission of the evidence well within the discretion of the district court, and Gasperini’s challenge therefore fails.
Screenshot on IPFS:
Open timestamps: binary file (alternative)
Screenshot on IPFS:
Open timestamps: binary file

(not a big fan of binary format, see this issue)

Don't trust. Verify.

I just won the 1st prize at the Gitcoin hackathon integrating a new evidence standard based on Kleros - it is pretty cool, check them out, solid game-theory incentives in play.

I may accidently buidl something based on API + IPFS + OpenTimestamps.

On the other hand I'm focusing on existential threats to humanity these days: - see also 80,000 hours career advice.

Make me an offer: [email protected]